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Issue 25

On November 8, 2022, Miami Township residents will vote to approve an additional 3.5mil fire department staffing levy.

The Greene County Auditor estimates the cost to property owners to be $122.50 per $100k of appraised property value per year.

MTFR has traditionally been a primarily volunteer fire and EMS department. In line with national trends and despite the department's efforts at recruitment of community members, the number of volunteer firefighters and EMTs has declined at the same time that demand for services has increased, resulting in a need for paid career and part-time personnel.

Issue 25, a 3.5 mill levy, will maintain current staffing at your fire department to ensure adequate availability of emergency response personnel to Miami Townships residents, visitors, homes, and businesses.

The failure of Issue 25 will result in the layoff of firefighters and EMS providers, dangerously low staffing levels, and a decrease in the availability of emergency responders in our community.

Help protect your community by voting Yes on Issue 25.

A Public Meeting for voters was held on October, 24th. You can find the slides here: (Download PDF)

Miami Township Fire-Rescue

Miami Township Fire-Rescue provides fire protection, rescue, emergency medical services, fire prevention, and public education to the approximately 7,500 residents and over 1 million annual visitors to Miami Township, eastern Bath Township, Yellow Springs, and Clifton.

The graphs below show that volunteers have been declining while call volume has been increasing over the years.

The charts below show the 2023 projected income if Issue 25 passes, as well as the projected 2022 expenses. It is clear that the Township cannot contiune to pay employees with the current income.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Township will have to reduce how many Paramedics, Firefighters, and EMTs are working at a time. This reduced staff would not allow for two medical calls simultaneously. It would also not enable fire crews to enter a structure in case of fire until mutual aid arives.

MTFR is a part-time/full-time department, with supplemental volunteers.

There are three 24-hour shifts; A, B, and C shifts. Each shift is 24 hours and begins and ends at 7 am. Part-Time Staff works either 12 or 24 hours every 6th day. Full-Time Staff works a 24-hour shift and then gets 48 hours off.

Part time EMT's are currently paid between $12.48-$14/hour with supervisory EMT's being in the $14 range.

As with most government and public safety buildings, not all areas are open to the public. External doors, office, and living areas are locked to protect those working, sensitive information and supplies. Interested in what is behind those doors? Please stop by during regular business hours and ask for a tour or contact us and we can arrange a time. Please note that crews could be out on a call when you arive.

The Township used a large portion of Federal COVID relief funding to help offset the costs of fire department overtime brought on by having to cover shifts when staff was out with COVID (which happened sixteen times). The Township also used these funds to assist residents with rental and utility assistance. The fire department also received limited COVID relief funding for emergency medical service-specific items (approximately $7,000) which was used to cover costs of PPE, hand sanitizer, and similar items.

State funding to localities has not improved, and state funding to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has only recently began to increase. However, there are currently no significant programs to support local first responders to state properties.


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